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Top Most Popular Animation Magazines

Things around us is changing and so is animation trick, technology and quality. And thus, today’s blog is about the popular animation magazines every animator must know about.
Animation is being used in every field, whether it is cartoon series, games, videos, movies even commercials too, just have to name it and animation is already setting its foot there. Hence, it is very important for flourishing animators to know about the trend of the industry.

1. Animation World Network. Launched IN 1996, the animation world network is the one of the most famous group that has the largest selling magazines across the world and how because it provides itself in over 150 countries. It also provides links for animation professionals and fans. They also publish printed magazines as well as digital magazines. You can get your latest edition via EBay.

2. Animation Magazine. Launched in the year 1985. It is a monthly magazine that publishes 10 times in a year! It has a digital as well as print format and the latest trends in animation industry and visual effects and its education. All forms of animation is covered in the Animation magazine. They also keep their website updated with latest posts and you get the most exciting articles about animation here. Every year two events are hosted by the Animation magazine. They are, The World Animation and VFX Summit and The World Animation Celebration. Both the events are very popular and prestigious.

3. Cinefex. Another very good magazine for animation is Cinefex. It covers visual effects in movies. Launched in 1980. They have some lengthy and important articles about the trends in the animation industry. This magazine also publishes the interviews of popular animators and artists. It’s a very famous magazine and has digital and print edition. Digital copies were launched in 2011.

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