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In the world of our younger generation illustration is fascinating. Everything they want and dream of is colorful. Illustration means emphasize or highlight specific point. For example, earlier books in the Middle Ages like gospels, Bible and more have numerous illustrations. Every illustration is pretty different from art forms like paintings, sketches etc.

The major reason of illustration is to deliver a message the readers or viewers. Certain illustrations are magnificent because the purpose of their job is to emphasize and clarify a text of certain topic. In the books meant for children, illustrations helps in educating children through graphical representations, also helps ion read as makes the content more exciting and bright for a child.

Illustrations always transforming a story to an exciting and fascinating one, it gives our imagination boost and wings to our thoughts because through illustration children identify things and have clearer image of things around them.

Illustration isn’t restricted to only children’s books, illustration i9s everywhere. Starting right from comic books to print and visual media. . Illustration i9s a companion to an article or blog or even a story; it helps the audience to connect to the situation and understand a topic better.
3Every fields of profession demands illustration. Yet, in case of books it makes it easier for children to relate to a topic and feeds the imagination of the child.

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