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Advertisements are a powerful key to promote a service, product or event, on a vast public platform through various mediums and forms of communication. Why is advertisement so important? Why has the necessity of advertisement raised in the past few years? Why has it become so important and intriguing to see a famous person selling a product, knowing that they don’t really use it? We may as a matter of fact, buy it because of its popularity, without even considering if it is useful at all! This is the power of advertisement.

With the internet era came new and promising opportunities. With the rise of ‘entertaining’ advertisement, viewers not only like to watch a commercial more than once but also recommend it to friends or family. Advertising is one very powerful and influential key of the 21st century. Its importance makes it extremely influential because of the extensive use of praise for products in ads; advertisers make it a priority to blend fanciness to the productivity and efficiency of a product or service. But, up and above everything, we can’t deny the significance that an ad can make, if placed on the right platform! With various platforms and mediums of advertising comes one effective voice of media, Facebook promotions and advertisements.
Well, we all know what Facebook is but to sum it up, Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and social networking site based in California, United States. CEO of this site is Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004. Since the day Facebook was launched the history of worldwide web changed. It was not just any site or social network, it was a revolution and an echo, which is getting louder and wilder with every passing day. But why is Facebook more effective now compared to the traditional advertising medium? Here’s why.

Magnified audience targeting.

Facebook has a huge audience; there are millions of different people, from different locations browsing Facebook every second, so it allows the advertiser to choose its audience, which is recommendable and unique. The user can be selective and specific about the audience they want to target. They can customize the age group they would like to reach out to known as ‘Custom Audiences’. Whereas, in a traditional medium, such as any audio ad on radio, you can’t specifically target a certain age group or be selective about the audience.

Customization and planning.

Facebook gives their advertiser a very powerful tool for creativity in digital and web advertisements. Even if the advertiser doesn’t like a post, he need not worry, because Facebook makes it very flexible for its users to amend the posts. Facebook provides a lot of statistical data regarding viewership on day-to-day activities, also known as ‘Insight’ . Insight provides a detailed and magnified data about the ads viewed and visitors on the page/Ad, also calculates how many people the ad is reaching up to. Thus, on regular basis an article or a simple status can be posted on Facebook by the advertiser. With these entire facilities one can plan their activities for a longer span and save money and time!

Raise brand awareness

Facebook has over a million brands and is immensely popular. With all the viewers, visitors and members adding up to the Facebook family, it helps in creating brand awareness. It has an option for reviewing and rating the page, which helps in illustrating the over-all evaluation. Also, the rating done by a user will also appear on both, the user’s profile and on the profile of the brand page or ad. The better reviews and rating the better it gets for the products or services to create goodwill and a better understanding about the advertiser and their services.

Easy to access and invest upon.

Facebook is user-friendly. It is easily approachable even on a cell phone. Users are browsing Facebook on a busy Monday and even in a busy metro. Facebook is addictive! Posting an ad or promoting a brand page is easier on Facebook than another medium of communication because this social media is not just on the epitome of popularity but is also extremely intelligent. Also the best part is that Facebook keeps improvising itself and adds new features frequently!
It is obviously more recommendable to sit with your laptop in your office or boutique or any place possible. All you need is an internet access and the correct payment method to post an ad. It is faster, cheaper and more advanced than any traditional medium. Once the ad is posted on Facebook the results can be evaluated in a day. This can’t happen if the ad is posted on the newspaper. How would the advertiser evaluate the number of people who viewed his print ad.

Seeing an ad over and over again can be annoying but it also leaves a remark on the viewer. The ads and suggestions that appear on an individual’s profile depend on the search history and on the posts they liked previously. Thus Facebook is smarter than any other medium and is self-assured. From a middle-class businessman to an established entrepreneur, both may choose Facebook to promote their work despite the difference on the rate of their service or product. Facebook has become a huge platform of opportunities with all its uniqueness. A business and its back bone are enriched in motivation only when they see results. If the results are positive, they get a push forward to work hard and maintain the pace. If the feedback is negative they can improvise on the flaws and work harder. Both ways, the results will be visible!

The viewer may sometimes get stuck with the melody of the ad’s video or they may view the promotion/ad because of a catchy line or good write-up/characterization. With all these examples, we draw the conclusion on why Facebook is far better than any other traditional advertising medium!

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